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We are a remote community of developers aiming to improve technical skills everyday. Technology is our passion. We believe that the more you share, the more you learn. We can break geographic limits and use tools to share our passion with the whole world.


We break geographic barriers!

"Always be the worst guy in every band you’re in. - so you can learn. The people around you affect your performance. Choose your crowd wisely."

- Chad Fowler, The Passionate Programmer

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Remote Meetups, screencasts, Lightning talks

Ruby Remote Meetup

Elm Remote Meetup

Elm Remote Meetup is organized by DailyDrip. Check more info here .

Go Remote Meetup

Go Remote Meetup is organized by GoBridge. Check more info here .




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Introduction to Phoenix channels

Channels are a really exciting and powerful part of Phoenix that allow us to easily add soft-realtime features to our applications. We are going to check that and also have an overview about Elixir and the Phoenix Framework itself. If you don't know Elixir and neither the Phoenix Framework, no problem at all. Iuri will make an overview in all this related stuff and answer questions.

Speaker: Iuri Fernandes

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Rust for Rubyist

Rust is an Open Source programming language, which started from a necessity from the Mozilla team to have a better (safer) language to develop a rendering engine for Firefox. We have some big names from Ruby Community "playing" with Rust, Steve Klabnik, Yehuda Katz and some others. Also Yehuda's company, Tilde, is adopting Rust in production for Skylight. Rust is definitely a different language when compared to Ruby, but still pretty interesting. I found myself interested on it to try something different. I believe that learning is an amazing process, and the act of learning something completely different is really helpful for you, because you can open your thinking to new ideas not explored yet. Rust did this to me and to my understanding of the Ruby language. In this talk, I want to present some key and basic concepts of Rust and also give some comparison with Ruby. Concepts of ownership, borrowing, immutability and a few other would be covered here, along with some basic explanation of how Rust handles memory allocation. If you don't know Rust, no problem at all. Filipe will make an overview and answer questions.

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Speaker: Filipe Costa

Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming with Elm

This talk will be totally hands on and extemporaneous. Isaac Shapira will talk a little bit about what is Functional Reactive Programming, what are the advantages and he will try to use elm and explain those things. With Isaac Shapira -

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Speaker: Isaac Shapira

Building APIs on Rails 5 with AMS

A lot of people have been using Rails to develop both their internal or external API, but building a high quality API can be hard, and performance is a key point to achieve it. I'll share my stories with APIs, and tell you how Active Model Serializer, component of Rails-API, helped me. AMS have been used across thousands of applications bringing convention over configuration to JSON generation. This talk will give you a sneak peek of a new version of AMS that we have been working on, it's new cache conventions, and how it's being considered to be shipped by default in new Rails 5.

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Speaker: João Moura

An interview with Rafael França

Member of Rails Core team since 2012 with more than 5000 commits, Rafael is the #1 in number of commits from Rails. He has a passion for Open Source and on this interview he will answer any question about Open Source, Rails and Ruby.

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Speaker: Rafael França

Trailblazer with Nick Sutterer

We will be having a discussion about Trailblazer with its creator, Nick Sutterer. We will go over what Trailblazer is trying to solve, we'll talk about how it tries to solve it and why you should or should not use it. -

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Speaker: Nick Sutterer

ChatOps - When communication matters

Here is new era of DevOps, it means all the DevOps work can be done over the chat. This is called as a ChatOps. Mostly DevOps do all the infrastructure related work over a shell. ChatOps focuses to create/maintain infrastructure over the chat (can be IRC, Slack, GitHub etc) .

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Speaker: Rajat Gupta