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#14 - Gant Laborde - Solidarity, Nader Dabit - AWS Amplify with React Native - New Things

- Gant Laborde - talking about "Solidarity - Environment checker for project dependencies across multiple machines.". - Nader Dabit - talking about "AWS Amplify with React Native - New Things"

#13 - CSS Modules in Elm, Re-arch compile Time Performance, Writing an Atom plugin with Elm

Talks: 1. CSS Modules in Elm By Kevin Yank (@kevinyank) 2. Re-architecturing For Compile Time Performance By Joseph Ni (@mordrax) 3. Writing an Atom plugin with Elm By Michael Bylstra (@U0CL92DJN)

#12 - Parashuram and Sanket, React Native zero to Devops and MobX vs Redux

First Talk: "React Native: Zero to Devops" by Parashuram. Second Talk: "MobX vs Redux" by Sanket

#11 - Nader Dabit, Gant Laborde, Kumar Sanket - talking about React Native

Nader Dabit, talks about handling asynchronous data for Redux. Gant talks about Ignite. Kumar Sanket talks about Native Base.

#10 - An Interview with Josh Adams

Voice+vim behind @elixirsips. Co-founder @dailydripcom. Expert Rubyist; loving Elixir and Erlang; studying distributed systems. Josh is trying to improve programmer's life better. Let's know him more!

#9 - An interview with Mike Perham - Sidekiq creator

Sidekiq creator, we will be interviewing Mike Perham:

#8 - Tutorial: My First App with Go [GoBridge Chapter]

This is a talk with a lot of hands on. We'll see how we can write a Go app only with native api. Serve JSON, static files, access DB... After this talk you will be able to make good web apps using Go.

#7 - Interview with Dan Abramov

Redux creator, Facebook employee, we will be interviewing Dan Abramov.

#6 - ChatOps: when communication matters

On this meetup we will have Rajat Gupta, a consultant developer from Thoughtworks India. He will talk about ChatOps and how it can improve our teams.

#5 - Trailblazer with Nick Sutterer

We will be having discussing Trailblazer with it's creator, Nick Sutterer. We will go over what Trailblazer is trying to solve, we'll talk about how it tries to solve it and why you should or should not use it. -

#4 - An Interview with Rafael Fran├ža

Member of Rails Core team since 2012 with more than 5000 commits, Rafael is the #1 in number of commits from Rails. He has a passion for Open Source and on this interview he will answer any question about Open Source, Rails and Ruby.

#3 - Building APIs on Rails 5 with AMS

Active Model Serializer, component of Rails-API, helped me. AMS have being used across thousands of applications bringing convention over configuration to JSON generation. This talk will give you a sneak peek of a new version of AMS that we have being working on, it's new cache conventions, and how it's being considered to be shipped by default in new Rails 5.

#2 - Introduction to Functional Reactive Programming with Elm

This talk will be totally hands on and extemporaneous. Isaac Shapira will talk a little bit what is Functional Reactive Programming, what is the advantages and He will try to use elm and explain those things.

#1 - Rust for Rubyist

Rust is an Open Source programming language, which started from a necessity from the Mozilla team to have a better (safer) language to develop a rendering engine for Firefox. Concepts of ownership, borrowing, immutability and a few other would be covered here, a long with some basic explanation of how Rust handles memory allocations. If you don't know Rust, no problem at all. Filipe will make an overview and answer questions. By +Filipe Costa -

#0 - Introduction to Phoenix channels

Channels are a really exciting and powerful part of Phoenix that allow us to easily add soft-realtime features to our applications. We are going to check that and also have an overview about Elixir and the Phoenix Framework itself. If you don't know Elixir and neither the Phoenix Framework, no problem at all. Iuri will make an overview in all this related stuff and answer questions.